Find Best Evacuation Chair For Stairs

When an emergency strikes, it is imperative that everyone is evacuated as quickly as possible from the scene but in high-rise buildings that can pose a problem when those in danger are in wheelchairs. It is quite normal for lifts to be out of order during an incident and moving a wheelchair downstairs can prove difficult when time is of the essence.

It is here that evacuation chairs play a very important role. Evacuation chairs and vehicles are essential to help people with mobility issues evacuate an unsafe house. There are a number of devices on the market that help stairwells to descend, support and safely transport people out of the way of harm. I strongly suggest you to visit evacuation chair for stairs to learn more about this.

These are three basic principles of construction used in the manufacturing of emergency evacuation chairs:-

Chair supports

Standard wheelchair with support structure and handles connected to an existing chair. These can usually be used on smooth, level ground but the fold away handles are used when it becomes important to navigate a flight of stairs so two people are able to push the chair up or down the stairs. The use of an internal wheelchair makes them more manoeuvrable in close spaces and short passages than stair climbers.

Climbing Platform

The second method is a stair climbing platform, with wheeled or tracked bases that allow the user to be lowered downstairs gently and securely. The benefit of these systems is that a wheelchair user will sit in their own chair as they are put on the floor and locked to it. These can be run by a single individual and often have a splitting system that makes them completely safe to use.

Evacuation Chairs

The third design is a specially manufactured motorized chair for climbing and descending stairs. A strong, stable chassis supports a built in comfortable chair, and it uses wheels and tracks to travel carefully through each step. These powered escalators are manageable enough for even a slightly constructed person to be able to operate them successfully during an emergency.

Considerations are the potential amount of chairs needed during an emergency while selecting an escape chair, storage when not in use, ease of installation when necessary. You need to have enough chairs available when an incident occurs, trained staff to assist users and chairs fit for the purpose. It would be an arduous undertaking to carry a wheelchair and user down 18 flights so this is when a gravity assisted chair is an ideal solution. Evaluating the best method requires a number of circumstances and parameters to be examined but a wide selection of solutions are available.