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Now, the practice with a cosmetic dentist is to try and preserve as much of the initial tooth as possible for reconstruction, and use natural looking finishes for fillings instead of the earlier fills that make dental work apparent. Of starters, modern fillings are classified as inlays / outlays or indirect filings, which consist of a composite material or porcelain that is formed into the dental lab’s cavity opening. The inlay / outlay is then positioned as an invisible fill in the cavity which provides a more normal, if not invisible filling appearance.You can get additional information at dentist in west columbia.

New advances have also introduced repair solutions that were not available in the past, such as using dental implants to cover a missing tooth instead of bridge procedure or dentures. Dental implants consist of a titanium pin that during operation is inserted into the jaw bone, which is invisible to the naked eye. What can be seen is an artificial tooth that matches the teeth dentin around it. Dental implants are as simple as a normal tooth to care for, and can last a standard tooth’s lifetime. These are also a popular option as they don’t enforce the same nutritional restrictions as false teeth or bridge research does.

Nevertheless, the most common cosmetic treatment is currently teeth bleaching that can restore damaged or discolored teeth to a sparkling white with kits and a dental model at home or in the workplace. A cosmetic dentist can choose to do compost bonding for teeth that are to badly discolored or darkened for bleaching. This technique helps the dentist to build up the tooth’s outer appearance using composite material that is glued to the actual tooth and then formed and crafted to look just as fine as a real tooth.

Another popular option is veneers that stick to the original tooth to mask broken, bent, or discolored teeth and offer an enhanced smile. Made from porcelain or synthetic content, veneers are an option for many people who have had no experience with traditional methods of bleaching.