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Home Alarm Systems – Understanding The Components of a Home Alarm System

Image result for alarm new england"Having a home security system is an essential need. Most, if not all households must have it. It provides safety and prevents any untoward incidents from happening such as potential home invasions or robberies. However, after having a system installed in your home, do you know how each component works? Every part of a home alarm solution has a purpose that is needed to make the entire thing work. By knowing the components of your own alarm design, you will be able to make certain adjustments or know what to do when a part of it breaks down. More about the author

Main Control Unit. This is the heart of the entire alarm package. The panel receives signals from the sensors that are connected to it which in turn creates the appropriate response. For example, if someone trips the alarm from the outside, sensors will relay that information to the control panel which will then trigger the alarm. You can also turn on or shut down every component of the alarm system from the main control unit.

Keypad. A keypad is usually part of the control panel but some systems have units that are separate from the main control unit. A keypad is essentially a tool for punching in codes that turn the alarm system on or off. Most owners place their keypad right beside their main door due to its convenience. As soon as they leave the house, they can turn on the alarm system by punching in the activation code.

Cameras. An essential component to a home security system, cameras are responsible for recoding activities that occur outside your home. While some are motion-triggered, most are also live feed cameras. You can also record what goes on outside your home in a DVR, by taking snapshots of movement every second. A common method of video recording is called the CCTV, in which a lot of residential as well as commercial units use it for safety measures.

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Sensors. This part of the home alarm system is responsible for “informing” the control panel that there are unusual occurrences in the house that may need assistance from the authorities. Sensors detect noise, smoke, heat and movement. Whenever one of these variables is detected, the sensors will trigger the alarm upon relaying the information to the control panel.

Sirens. As the name suggests, a siren is exactly what you think its purpose is. When the alarm goes off, the siren is responsible for producing noise that is meant to alert neighbors and the authorities. A siren is also essential in scaring home invaders away as the loud noise it produces will frighten them.